Where I could find Fritz4 (Fritz3) and Hiracs 4 (Hiarcs 3)??

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Where I could find Fritz4 (Fritz3) and Hiracs 4 (Hiarcs 3)??

Postby Sandra » Sat Mar 19, 2005 5:27 am

My name is Sandra, I'm 20 yo and come from Barcelona. I'm a female judo artist but I love to play chess in my free time to meliorate my concentration. I'm new here and I was just wandering if I could find both top strong programs from the middle of the 90's - Fritz4 (Fritz 3) and Hiarcs4 (Hiarcs 3)? I have noticed the most of the new chess programs have no good interface. I've seen the Fritz4's interface and I think it's great (only black and white). So I think the most of the old programs are more valuable from the nowaday's ones. But I neither found Fritz 4 (Fritz 3) for free download nor found any site I could order it from!!! By the way Fritz 3 uses absolutely the same interface as Fritz 4 (only black and white colours). As far as I know there is no one site I could buy it from. So, do any of you know WHETHER and WHERE I could download that old programs as Fritz 4 (Fritz 3) and Hiarcs 4 (Hiarcs 3) of course for windows. In home I run on windows XP.
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Early Chessbase interfaces.

Postby Hadron » Sat Jul 09, 2005 3:59 am

The problem with running XP is that it has a different structure than the other standard windows operating systems. XP is based on Windows NT and some earlier windows programs do not run on NT. I do remember reading an urgent request from one of the members of the NZ Correspondence Chess Federation during the days I played for them that he could not get Chessbase6 to work on XP and was apparently told by Chessbase vai email that earlier forms of Chessbase products where not supported by XP. If you have the pateince, I recommend down loading the file sharing interface "Shareaza" and do a detailed search across the network for "Chessbase" products. Then download from there....if you are patient with your searches you may come across the older interface and engine you seek...
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