exchange variation after 8 Nb3

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exchange variation after 8 Nb3

Postby chessfish » Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:44 pm

Hello all. Just typed in 'chess' on the net and found this forum Looks cool! Anyway, Im a recreational player and am not very good (as my screen name suggests!). I'd say around 1200ish or so. I think I got up to like 1500ish on Chessmaster, but dont think it was accurate.

Anyway, I play occasionally with a good friend of mine. He is a bit better than me, although I do beat him once in awhile. I'd like to improve and beat him more often to make it a better competition. So I bought some books ('starting out: ruy lopez', and some mensa book of 2 move checkmate puzzles). Dont think these are really the best way (for me) to improve, though, at this point. The Lopez book seems okay, but too specialized and over my head at many points (i.e. the last 20 moves of each game are not really explained, so I get next to nothing from them). The Mensa is good for getting me to think, visualize moves, etc., but still doesn't seem ideal. Any good book ideas for a newb like me?

Anyway, I played w/ my buddy last night, and tried the ruy lopez exchange variation, since he always goes this route w/ white when i play the R.L. Of course, despite my recent study, I immediately forget what to do after 5 O-O. I played f6, which I later found was fine. After 6 d4, 6...exd4; 7 Nxd4, 7...c5; 8 Nb3, I was unsure how to continue. P. 54 of the book I bought says there is a substantial body of theory regarding this move (although the author prefers Ne2!).

My question is- 'Where can I find this theory on lines following 8 Nb3?' And more generally, what is the best way to analyze and study such chess problems when I'm unsure of the proper course? **btw, I ended up choosing 8...bd7- hopefully that was not too horrid!!

well, look forward to posting and learning from the (probably thousands!) of better players on this forum! thanks, pete
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