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Correspondencechess - DESC-Open 2006

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 7:29 pm
by roro
The German E-Mail-Chess-Club

( DESC - )

invites all chess-players to join the Correspondencechess-Open 2006.

Tournament Starting date is: 01 October 2006
Deadline for registration: 15 September 2006
Register by E-Mail :

Please include your Last Name, First Name, Email Adress, Country, chess rating (if available).

The participation is free of charge.

All games are played by Email. In the first round you will play in groups with probably seven players, so every participant will play six games at the same time.

The time of reflection allows 30 days/10 moves. Every participant may claim up to a total of 35 days leave per year. In case of emergency you can apply for additional leave.

The 1st round ends on 15 September 2007, top 3 of each group advance to 2nd round, starting in November 2007. The 4th and last round will end on November 2010. Games which are not finished until the deadline of each round will be adjucated.

For further details see the start-list of the tournament leader, which will be sent to you before the Starting date.

Reinhard Osthus (DESC-Admin),