can't log in to play

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can't log in to play

Postby raider » Fri Aug 26, 2005 11:57 am

can't log in to play. just set up my account and tried to log in to no avail.
purchased a membership yesterday.

Tom Lontine raider
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account creation

Postby GrizzlyGrim » Wed Aug 31, 2005 3:14 am

While it is good to sign up and try to create a membership account. It would also be very helpful if you can not log into it, to log in as a guest and ask for some assistance from an admin that is online. Even in some cases such as this one which even a Guide could solve.

Simply put... you never created the account " raider " this account is already in existence. Hence that is why it is advisible to ask for help by logging in as a guest. Yet, While you are asking for it here, it does not make, be as quickly as you would like and you will still have to log in as a guest and get help or better yet.. make a trial account and then activate it. Which you are give 14 free days to do this.
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