Can't get a Gold Membership due to unexplained problems

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Can't get a Gold Membership due to unexplained problems

Postby YogaDAD » Thu Jun 09, 2005 1:36 pm

Can I get a gold membership by regular mail or phone. Below are emails which have not been answered. Thanks for any help. YogaDAD, formerly yogaeeg

Send May 26th
The emails below list recent problems and concerns. I have not gotten a reply for these concerns.
I can't access my account which is good until June 10th
My credit cards which are good are being declined.
My email at which I got the renewal notice and to which I logged on in the past is said to be invalid. My Email is

Sent on May 23rd
I am Yogaeeg on
I have been a member for a couple of years or more. I regularly log on to watch chess between appts. I have had the same handle and email in that time

When I try to log on as yogaeeg on I get invalid name or password.
When I try to check the password, I am told that the email - as listed above is not the email of that member.

I tried to get a new gold membership and my card, which is good, was declined. This happened with two cards both of which I used in recently. Its not a balance problem.

Any help or clarification would be appreciated. My membership is set to expire on June 10 according to the software I use to watch chess.
R Boustany

Sent May 24th 2005
I have had a problem logging on since I tried to renew my membership.
I tried 3 credit cards. All are good on other sites etc., and all are declined.
I tried to log on using the email to which the renewal notice was sent ... ...
the site says this does not match the email of my handle it seems someone hacked my account in the last couple of days.

Is there anyway to check. I may have to cancel credit cards, if your system was compromised

Please Respond,
Robert Boustany
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Problem with Credit Card Paysite

Postby Isis » Fri Jun 10, 2005 10:40 pm

There has been a problem the last couple of weeks with our paysite. I apologise that you weren't able to get properly helped previous to this. I've reopened your yogaeeg account for 14 more days pending receipt of your mail payment. I've also sent a new pass to the email on that account.

Anyone wishing to pay for membership or renew their account can mail payment (US dollars please!) by personal check, money order, or certified bank check to:

Chessnet Memebership
PO Box 1108
Priest River, ID.

Be sure to include with the mailed payment your handle, email address, & real name that your account is registered with so I can be sure your account is credited correctly.

If you are elligible for a discount (see /help goldmember file for possible discounts & their prices) you need to also send proof to or a scanned copy of the proof with your mail payment.

After mailing payment, please log into chessnet as a guest & send an /assist <msg> to talk with an admin about extending your account (if it's expired) until your mail payment is received. Most will be granted a 14 day extension. If there is no SU admin online at the time that can extend accounts, your request will be posted (by the admin you discuss it with) on the payment Bboard, be reviewed & will be taken care of soon.

We apoligise for the problem & inconvenience... & thank you all for supporting Chessnet!!!

Regard ~Isis~ (SU & Mail Payments Admin)
*smiles & waves* ~~~~~~~~~~~ :-)
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