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Postby ilduce2000 » Sat Jan 08, 2005 12:13 pm

How about adding some new features to chessnet all you have to do is go to wcn and look at the set up there if you want people to pay for a membership a site has to be worth paying for.
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Postby Ltcolumbo » Sun Jan 09, 2005 3:59 am

Ct is right , the market is already saturated with chess servers , chessnet does not stand a chance in competing directly with the main ICS. However , chessnet can find a niche market , differentiation is the key . Most ICs are oriented high rated players , Chessnet could specialize in the segment beginners , advanced players . I have always been doubtful about the interest of having GMs on a chess server , the relays are not a major event anymore ( except perhaps the world championship , but there again the division does not help ) , moreover , GMs will not play you for free , it is sad to say , but soon they will charge us to watch their games . There used to be a big zh and bughouse community on chessnet , for some reasons everybody has gone , wild , suicide , atomic and other variants could be developped successfully . Some members are very good at those , and could possibly give lessons . Most players would enjoy wild games , zh or suicide chess if they had the opportunity to experience the game . It is also regrettable that no computer accounts playing zh or wild at an average level are online , they do exist , it would be easy to do .

Regarding the administration, i suggested to Ummon to put a final end to what i call the "system" , in hiring a couple of new admins , not any kind of admins , "non Nomenklatura " , players who criticized openly the system , and who have greatly contributed in putting an end to some of the abuses that characterised chessnet . There is a group of decent people currently managing the site , but to send a clear message to those like me who need evidences , acts and not only promises , i would like to see long time opponents to the "system" , people strongly oriented members ,promoted admins . People who would counterbalance the influence of the Nomenklatura still holding key positions . Nowhere except the former USSR will you find such a paradox , how can things really change with almost exactly the same team ? When the lassitude will settle in the current direction , things will come back to normal , the counters will be reset .
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Postby Box Brother » Wed May 04, 2005 5:04 pm

I've been away from the admin-team for some time and therefor can't comment on every single attack. Offcourse every server has it's problem and noone will deny that the server has been decreasing since we went pay. But going pay was the only way to survive, if it is the right choice ? ..... you'll never know when you decide to do so.

Admins are trying their best and we do try to make the server the best one around. We try to keep a nice atmosphere and policies are constantly updated to keep track. Fact is, and always will be, that the internet is pretty anonymous and therefor easy for people to be abusive (in a verbal way or by sportmanship (cheating)).

Simply stating that your chance of getting a staff-position (wheater it's TD/Guide or Admin) is gone when you voice your opinion is def. not true. It is true that members that complain but fail to contribute a positive input in the same discussion are less likely to be appointed. After all what would the server benefit from people who only see the bad things ?

We always listen to ideas and I must admit I voted yes on the idea Miss-A
presented. I think it's a great idea but it's not in my hands. I'm sure Miss-A presented the same idea to the Head Admin and his assistant(s) and all we can do now is wait.

I hope this reaction from a admin (who's just back on the admin-team) is sufficient and somewhat what you expected. Offcourse I'm more then happy to talk about this at our server.
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Teach me

Postby fish3702 » Thu Nov 24, 2005 7:58 pm

CT_NDSUman wrote:Ok I remember now.

I am you humble slave and would be honoured if you could tell me how you did that?
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Postby wire3602 » Tue Dec 13, 2005 3:06 pm

ilduce2000 wrote:How about adding some new features to chessnet all you have to do is go to wcn and look at the set up there if you want people to pay for a membership a site has to be worth paying for.

Posting in forums can take over your life! Get out while you still can! :lol: J/K... I agree with that.:lol::lol:
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