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GM Ruslan Scherbakov

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I was born on 14.09.1969 in a very small town Staraya Russia, near Great Novgorod. At the age of 4 I learned to play chess and seriously started to study chess at 11, when my family moved from the Great Novgorod region to Cheliabinsk in 1980. From 1981 to 1992 I attended the Russian nation-wide chess school with GM A.N.Panchenko as the principle. Seminars were held twice a year. These seminars proved to be a great success as many students became grandmasters (the most famous are Sergey Rublevsky and Alisa Galliamova; also Maxim Sorokin, Mikhail Ulybin, Alexander Volzhin, Svetlana Prudnikova, Sergey Volkov and some others). During my last few years at school I worked as a trainer, and in 1990 I was the coach for the Russian team in the Soviet youth team championship (where young Kramnik and Rublevsky played). Unfortunately the school is now closed, because of financial problems.

In 1987 I became a Soviet chess master, 1989 - IM, 1992 - GM.

I help some of my friends with their training. I coached GM Tatiana Shumiakina (Cheliabinsk) during several tournaments like Soviet Championship (1990-3rd place, and 1991), and zonal championships (the best result was in Orel 1993, 1st place). I also assisted my friend GM Sergey Rublevsky when he faced strong competition during tournaments in Poljanica Zdroj (Poland): 1996 - 2nd place, behind Beliavsky; 1997 - 1st place, one point ahead of Gelfand, two points ahead of Bareev! Sergey has become a very strong player and his strength continues to increase.

In the last two years my involvement in chess tournaments has been reduced, since I became a father (my daughter is more than 1 year old now!).

My contact details are:

   P.O. Box 4741 
   Tel./fax: +7-3512-135130 (unfortunately my wife Tatiana doesn't speak English)
   Fax: +1-8153771033 (will be delivered to my E-mail)

Some of my best results:

I offer comprehensive lessons here at ranging from beginner to expert levels for a very reasonable fee. I also suggest that you get Chessnet for Windows 2.0 complete with Internet Phone. This will allow me to speak to you without wasting valuable time on typing, and you will not have to pay for long-distance calls and a 2nd phone line. I look forward to seeing you at Chessnet.

Kind regards,
Ruslan Scherbakov