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GM Giovanni Vescovi

GM Giovanni Vescovi

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My name is Giovanni Vescovi, I am 20 and I live in Americana,Brazil. I am married and my daughter will be born soon! Like all Brazilians I love football (the real one!) and I practice Muay Thai. I believe a chess-player must train the body also, but maybe I should not be so extremist! I started playing chess at the age of 3 or 4 with my father. I took part in my first tournament when I was 8, in 86. Since then I had some good results:

I studied in a German school, but I dont speak German for some years, which means that I forgot a lot! I finished school at the age of 16, but still did not go to University. I wanted to travel, play a lot of chess and become a GM! I lived 6 months in Sweden: Jag kan tala lite svenska! Now I also give chess lessons! I never had a GM to study with and I know it is important to have the correct support to improve, so I decided I could help people to improve their chess! Contact me. My e-mail is: ; if there is any delay for the answer, dont get offended. I just travel a lot. :)

I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and German. I also understand Swedish and Russian, but dont expect much from me :)!

I offer full, comprehensive chess lessons one-on-one interaction with each student. I offer lessons covering beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. See you at ChessNet :)