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Portfolio Companies

Napster is the fastest growing site in Internet history, and has revolutionized music distribution. As a first-mover with revolutionary technology, Napster launched in June of 1999 and built a larger community in 6 months than AOL did in 6 years. The company is currently in discussion with the recording industry as part of defining a long-term business model.
NetGames is focused on becoming the number one online gaming community. The business is built around a unique game platform called "NetGames Fusion" that launched September 2000. The company has a strong team, a focused community-based strategy, and B2C and B2B revenue streams.
NetMovies distributes movies and movie related content over the Internet. Through a combination of innovative technology and a focused, community-based strategy NetMovies is able to dramatically enhance Internet bandwidth efficiency. Initially free to users, the objective is to own Internet distribution of movies.
NetWire is an early-stage incubation targeting secure and anonymous currency transfer via e-mail - an electronic Western Union. The target market is college students and the target business model is revenue sharing with ATM networks.
ON24 is the premier source of original and syndicated streaming broadcast news and opinion created for the online investor. ON24's programming is free to more than 80 million users through its partnership with leading web portals.
Launched in 2005, Path was sold to the company's management in 2006.
SportsClub is an incubation stage company focused on broadband sports entertainment. The objective is to allow users to watch any sporting event any time, and to allow short clips and highlights instantly from any sporting event anywhere in the world.
ValueSetters is a Social Business Network for online wholesalers, Vendors and Merchants to network together creating a completely new distribution channel for their products - currently offering over 60.000 items.
ValueSetters, Inc. is a public company traded under the symbol VSTR. Valuesetters is a business development partner of both Netwire and Netmovies.